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  • Arrowquip headquarters. arrowquip. Q-Catch Cattle Chute. Product Specifications. ) 3 Options Available. Full Dealer List. 7 Options Available. Cattle round the tub and see others By the end of this process, you will have a custom cattle handling system design that is tailored to your operation. Our Innovations Team has worked diligently to introduce these jacks based on market feedback from consumers looking for an easier to use jack option. From the moment cattle enter the pen, all the way to the squeeze chute, Arrowquip’s cattle handling systems are designed with animal science and quality Arrowquip is looking for a highly motivated, friendly, and enthusiastic Logistics Coordinator to join our rapidly, employee first, company! This is a full-time position that includes a benefits plan, an inclusive work environment, and growth opportunities within the company. Arrowquip’s 3E technology uses light to help guide cattle through the system. Throughout these conversations, you can expect to learn about key features of Arrowquip handling systems that differ from the competition, such as: The Cattle-Free Safety Area. Uncover why Arrowquip is the best company for you. 6,572 likes · 97 talking about this · 24 were here. For more inf The 4 th Gen Cattle Head Holder is designed specifically for use on Arrowquip cattle chutes, including the Arrowlock 88, 75, and 55 Series and Powerlock 108 and 105 Series. 8” ball hitch or pin hitch so you can choose the Arrowquip. PHONE. Phone: (815) 687-7051. Dimensions: 52-56" W X 100” H X 135” L. Dimensions: 92" Wide x 95" High x 235" Long (When set up. Arrowquip's Easy Flow Alley Weigh Platform Kit can be added to an 8' Easy Flow Alley section of your complete cattle handling system to provide fast and accurate weigh-ins while keeping livestock flowing efficiently. Product Code: QCMK2D, QCMK2DOS. Sep 1, 2021 · Get the details on the main features of the new Arrowquip Q-Catch 54 Series cattle squeeze chute in this product walkthrough with Steve Langrell. Dimensions: 40" Wide x 81. $ 15,950. Back to all brands. find my nearest dealer. 1800 814 107 1800 814 107. Additionally, the rectangular and square shape of the rails provide a broad, even surface for Portable cattle chutes are a piece of equipment preferred by vets, as they are designed to manage cattle at various locations. The wheels are easily installed with two pins, and the unit comes with a 2. Dimensions: 422" Wide x 99" High x 1250" Long. ARROWQUIP CATTLE CHUTE, METAL FLOOR, RATCHET HEAD CATCH, 5 YEAR WARRANTY, YELLOW HEAD CATCH EXTRA $1,450, STERNUM BAR EXTRA $425. Subscribe to see how our cattle handling equipment can elevate your ranching experience with videos including: Customer submitted videos and honest A well-designed cattle loading chute should allow your cattle to transition from yard to trailer with ease. Manual and Hydraulic cattle squeeze chute & chute trailer manuals for download. arrowquip. All Arrowquip products are backed by a two to five-year warranty. Choose your Installation Method. The world-renowned silent cattle squeeze chute made even quieter. 10-year hydraulic squeeze chute warranty. Have questions regarding our Arrowlock Head Gate or other cattle handling accessories? We have all the answers you're looking for, and cattle equipment…. Quantity. If you have any questions or concerns regarding product registration or wish to submit a warranty claim, please call 1-866-383-7827 for assistance. 5" from top to bottom on the parallel squeeze, allowing you to safely contain your largest animals. Presenting a revolution in cattle management unlike any other available on the market, the all-new Heeler ™ 87C, the industry’s leading all-in-one portable corral, chute and alley Arrowquip's Cattle Loading Chutes make loading your cattle onto a truck or trailer an easy task. Purchased in 1968 by Malcolm Forbes, the spread was sold in 2007 to hedge fund billionaire Louis Bacon. The loading chute should be sheeted at an appropriate level, and feature flooring which is designed for proper traction on a smooth incline. The unit is rigged with two jacks, an adjustable hitch and features a collapsible design. The 12' Loading Ramp features adjustable height that ranges from 12" to 51", allowing it to connect seamlessly with a semi truck or cattle trailer of any height. Combining these two cradle-shaped Easy Flow Alley sections with the low-sheeted tub and Q-Catch 87 Series cattle chute that Feel free to contact us directly: FACEBOOK |. Dimensions: 66" - 133" w x 102" h x 145" l. 5”. 5" High x 41" Long. 1988. 3. com Stockyards: stockyards@arrowfarmquip. 2024 Arrowquip QC8708EF8. Arrowquip's NEW Q-Power 107 Series Portable Chute for Cattle, Alley & Tub is up to any task you throw at it. Cradle-shaped 8’ Adjustable Cattle Alley Section ranges from 29. 8’ Easy Flow Cattle Alley. 2023 Arrowquip QP1040 $12,900 USD. Flagpole panel, welded on one end and clamped on the other. Poly-coated slam latches eliminate metal clanging. It's had about 1,000 stockers through it, and about 1,500 cows. For more information or to request pricing information for an Arrowquip hydraulic chute, fill out the form below. visit our website. We manufacture Australian made, low-stress livestock handling equipment Dec 1, 2023 · We offer a full lineup of hydraulic chutes and accessories designed to make working cattle as easy as possible, with minimal maintenance and little effort required from you. Draft Pound. Weight: 9934 lbs. Email Seller Video Chat. General heavy-duty hydraulic chute. Logistics Coordinator. HI CUrtis. Read Full Video Transcript. Map. This new model features an 18' alleyway to improve the way cattle flow through the system. The Ultimate Portable Corral System Crafted For Streamlined Cattle Flow And Set Up. Add to Cart. Our unique 7-Bar Panel Design. Get ready for a game-changing innovation in cattle management with the all-new Heeler 75C. Reversible in design, doubling hay bale feeder life expectancy. I've had one about two years. Every piece of Arrowquip equipment is intended to make managing your cattle faster, easier, and safer every step of the way. New Direct Drive system provides faster head gate response. Fiberglass Rump Bar comes standard. CHAT. Reduces hay bale sorting from picky eaters. Weight: 780kg kg. From the barred head gates on the Q-Catch and Q-Power squeeze chutes to the adjustable panels on the Easy Flow Alley, you can be certain your operation is low-stress and effortless. Guardian Hay Feeders. Squeeze ranges from 29. Weight: 222 lbs. Have questions regarding our patented cattle head holder? We have all the answers you're looking for and cattle equipment experts online to answer any…. Feel free to contact us directly: FACEBOOK |. Like the Q-Catch series, these chutes have been designed to work alongside May 25, 2020 · The Q-Catch 74 Series Portable Squeeze Chute, Alley & Tub is the world’s most compact portable cattle handling system, weighing in at 4167 pounds with dimensions of 93” wide by 96” high by 404” long. Ambidextrous 3E Rolling Door that can be used from either side of the chute. Type. 69 likes. May 12, 2020 · Arrowquip builds the best manual chute on the market today. Arrowquip - Australia | 992 followers on LinkedIn. Call 1800 814 107 1800 814 107 or fill out the following for more information. Cattle see light through the low-sheeted panels and follow the circular shape of the tub. Weight: 40 lbs. ) 1 Options Available. The World Leader In Cattle Handling Equipment. The Q-Power 107 Series is the quietest hydraulic chute ever designed. Job Type: Full-Time. Details. 11 Options Available. Have questions regarding Arrowquip's Manual Cattle Chutes? We have all the answers you're looking for and cattle equipment experts online to answer any…. All gates open wide, with a range of nearly 360°, allowing them to be used at any point in your system Contact Us. Product Features Product Specs & Options. This chute is built to take on your numbers, rowdy cattle, and repeated use, day after day. This will also help reduce the risk of injury to both the handler and livestock. Squeeze ranges from 31. 75” fully closed. With a focus on animal science and low-stress handling, Arrowquip’s line of Q-Catch chutes will ensure your operation runs smoothly. The chute has been completely overhauled to provide a calm, quiet cattle handling experience. Fax: +61 2 6762 2691. Product Code: HL-PC1000. Works just fine for AI, and plenty of room for a really big vet to preg. Weight: 9843 lbs. Featuring sheeted doors to prevent cattle distraction, heavy-duty construction, and a low-profile latch that ensures the doors will not swing through when slammed shut. Competitors: Unknown. Compare pay for popular roles and read about the team’s work-life balance. 14-gauge sheet metal that withstands bull pushing, or bale spear piercing. Flagpole Permanent. Dimensions: 50. Feb 26, 2024 · The Arrowquip Q-Catch Manual Cattle Head Gate was designed using a dual friction lock with a push-pull operation that allows for infinite adjustments using a single-lever handle. Curtain style head gate opens 29. ) 4 Options Available. Both sides of the Easy Flow Alley can be adjusted from one side. Register your equipment or call us directly for View profile. The Powerlock 108 Series is an all-new hydraulic cattle chute that surpasses the competition. A heavy-duty, high-quality mineral feeder for cattle made to withstand the elements and reduce waste to save you money. Headquarters. Product Features | Product Specifications. Dimensions: 1496mm wide x 2350mm high x 3250mm long. Southwest OK. Find out what works well at Arrowquip from the people who know best. From Arrowquip’s Livestock Feeding Solutions comes a heavy-duty, durable, and weatherproof mineral feeder for cattle, designed to reduce waste. This short video shows the ease of operation for one person to handle cattle with the chute. Revenue $19 Million. The Q-Power 107 Series hydraulic cattle chute isn't just called "silent" for the sake of it. Model: Q-Catch MKII Dual. The Only Portable Corral System Designed for Optimal Cattle Flow and Simple Set Up. Time, safety, and efficiency are your top priorities, and you need a chute that is in it for the long haul and does Easy to use push-pull squeeze lever. 6 Options Available. Website www. Arrowquip's portable cattle equipment features our world-renowned cattle chutes and handling equipment designed for safe, low-stress cattle handling. Barred head gate design uses light to draw cattle in. For more information, or to speak to a Livestock Expert 3E Q-Catch Head Gate Manual. Add a comment Real life customers, real life reactions. Through our financing partners, we can offer low-rate financing with flexible terms, simple applications, and rapid application results! Why wait to get the equipment you need for your operation to Jun 6, 2017 · Trinchera Ranch — At 180,000 acres, Trinchera Ranch in Costilla County was, at one time, the largest privately held ranch in the state. The official Arrowquip YouTube channel. 5” from top to bottom. 44,902 likes · 2,046 talking about this. TWITTER |. Dimensions: 60" Wide x 101" High x 135" Long. Cattle Squeeze Chutes, Portable Cattle Handling Equipment, Cattle Loading Ramps, and Alleyways & Cattle Weight: 2768 lbs. 9 Options Available. au. View Details. Weight: 3182 lbs. The Sternum Bar is designed as an option for Arrowquip's lineup of chutes for cattle. Vet Door opens a full 180° for complete maneuverability and access. Dimensions: 912" Wide x 74" High x 1163" Long (When set up, with panel anchor bars installed. The Q-Catch squeeze locking system features a dual friction lock with infinite adjustments. com. 5" fully open to 7. The 400 Series line of chutes provide a practical cattle Weight: 3623-3689 lbs. The friction lock design prevents the head gate from opening or loosening when cattle swing their heads around by applying pressure to the sides of the animal’s neck. Arrowlock Head Gate handle can be used at any point along the side of the chute. Type: Company - Private. With full emergency side exits on the chute and alleys and a tub that works with cattle behavior to encourage low-stress handling, you can feel confident Weight: 9627 lbs. Most Popular Cattle Equipment Arrowquip Listings. Built with 14-gauge first-grade steel sheeting, choose from multiple model options to find the best no-waste hay feeder for your Arrowquip offers a series of financing programs that simplify the process of obtaining financing for new producers and established operations alike. Curtain style head gate opens parallel to a full 29. Woodlands, Canada. Best in class livestock handling equipment. The General hydraulic cattle chute. Neck injection area with easy neck Weight: 2768 lbs. Designed for exceptional performance and durability, you can be certain this chute will save you time and last on your operation for years Contact Arrowquip. Cattle chute ranges from 31. From the new electric jacks and 8' Easy Flow Adjustable Cattle Alley section, to the rubber floors you've been For the last 30 years, Arrowquip has been using low-stress cattle handling techniques and proper livestock behavioral principles in their designs to benefit handlers and livestock alike. Arrowquip's new Rolling Alley Gate is the most effective, efficient, and easy to use Alley Gate ever seen in the industry. Sales: sales. Dimensions: 68" Wide x 95" High x 145" Long. The S-Flow system is continued with curved alleys leading to the draft or loading ramp. Get Shipping Quotes. Q-Catch 74 Series Deluxe Vet Model with Vet Cage. In addition, the chute narrows down to just 7. Companies. Save search. "Arrowquip’s vision is to put the latest innovative and technologically advanced 6 days ago · Rockford, Illinois 61102. Dimensions: 1075" Wide x 97" High x 702" Long (When set up, with panel anchor bars installed. Whether you are working with a small group The result is a series of highly durable corral panels that can be used in any configuration, thanks to the unique 4-way cattle panel connectors and pins. Arrowquip is the solution for all your cattle handling needs. Arrowquip operates out of its headquarters in Please complete the product registration form in full to validate your warranty. Taking portable cattle handling to the next level, Arrowquip has introduced a new option, their very first FULL portable system. au@arrowfarmquip. EMAIL. Whether you are looking for a single corral panel to replace a broken one or are ready to take on a complete cattle handling system overhaul, choose corral panels designed for longevity. Easy Flow Alley Weigh Platform Kit. From our humble beginnings on our family ranch in Tamworth NSW Australia in 1988 a great global company has evolved. 2023 Arrowquip QC7400LV. A new, innovative portable cat Arrow Cattle Panels and Gates are heavy-duty, engineered panels that can be used in any cattle handling operation. 5” to 18” in width. Making ranching families safe with high-quality, innovative cattle handling equipment. 00. ¼' Grade 30 proof coil chain to adjust bale height and feed restriction. ) The new Q-Catch 87 Series Portable Cattle Chute & Alley gives you consistently safe and efficient cattle handling no matter where you're working cattle. Featuring the off-side operation handle and an ergonomically friendly design, the Rolling Alley Gate adds versatility and Weight: 53 lbs. For veterinarians and on large-scale and feedlot cattle operations, we know and understand that the stakes are high. From the company that brought the trusted Q-Catch lineup comes the ALL-NEW Arrowlock 88 Series cattle squeeze chute – The world’s first manual chute with a hold that The Q-Catch 87 Series portable cattle chute, alley, and tub is now available with hydraulic jacks. With Arrowquip’s top products in cattle handling and the convenience of a portable working system, you can have the system of your dreams. Save your search and get daily updates on new inventory. Get A Quote Request Brochure. The handler can use point of balance handling techniques to maintain continuous flow. com Marketing: marketing@arrowquip. Heavy-duty, high-quality hay feeders for cattle that are designed to minimize bale waste, saving you time and money. Fully sheeted sides reduce stress and the likelihood of livestock injury, while the 6 Free Call. Built from premium quality plastic, these mineral Metal & Mineral Manufacturing. 2" Long. Arrowquip. High-quality, heavy-duty cattle mineral feeders. 4" High x 39. 2024 Arrowquip VET. Apply for Financing. Cattle enter the tub through the back gate. 3E System Components. 3E Rolling Door that can be used from either side of the chute. Arrowquip’s Cattle Panels act as a visual barrier cattle easily see to minimize challenging. Rolling Door track is top-mounted to eliminate build-up. The Q-Catch 74 Series is an efficient and economical chute that makes managing cattle easier on you. Singular row of Rump Fingers engineered to endure high pressure. Learn more about 3E Cattle Working System Components. From chutes for cattle to custom cattle working systems and pens, Arrowquip has a solution for all your cattle handling needs. 75" from front to back when the squeeze is fully closed to contain even the newest calves in your herd. farmvetfilms. Dimensions: 41" Wide x 14. Industry Oct 11, 2023 · Arrowquip invited us to an event to unveil their new ARROWLOCK and POWERLOCK chutes, and we saw some familiar faces while we were in town!Become a Farmhand o www. 5” fully open to 7. The Arrowlock 75 Portable Squeeze Chute and Alley is your new go-to portable working system designed to get the job done right no matter where you are. Dimensions: 10" Wide x 18" High x 47" Long. In 2012, Bacon donated more than half of the property to the proposed Sangre de Cristo Conservation Area. 75" fully closed. Your source for cattle handling blogs and advice, product videos, warranty information and more! Arrowquip, your trusted source for the latest in…. Loading Chutes. Videos and testimonials of Arrowquip's livestock working equipment. 231 posts · 3K followers. When cattle are under less pressure and Arrowquip | 4,826 followers on LinkedIn. Designed to Move. Introducing the Heeler™ C2 - a new, innovative portable cattle corral that will transform your ranching experience for the Weight: 2586 lbs. By removing pressure points and ensuring a clear line of sight, cattle will move through the chute seamlessly. Jun 30, 2023 · See the set up of The Heeler™ 87C, the industry’s leading all-in-one portable corral, chute and alley system. -Single Phase Electric Arrowquip Australia, Tamworth, New South Wales. 4 Steps to Efficient, Accurate Weigh-Ins: 1. Dimensions: 65" W X 102" H X 134" L. The newest version comes fully sheeted to prevent hoof traps, and is easily installed with two bolts. Poly-composite Rump Fingers engineered to endure high pressure. 55 SERIES CATTLE CHUTE ARROWQUIP, WITH VET CAGE, RATCHET HEAD CATCH, 5 YEAR WARRANTY, HEAD CATCH EXTRA $1,450, STERNUM BAR EXTRA $425. Arrowquip is a rapidly growing company that designs and manufacturers cattle management and handling equipment for international distribution. Weight: 12322 lbs. Get ready for a breakthrough in the cattle handling industry. The initial price tag is something to consider on a Find an Arrowquip Sheep & Cattle Yard Dealer. With features inspired by the world-famous Q-Catch 87 Series, you know you are getting a chute you can trust. Rapid response hydraulics are mounted on the improved pivoting control arm that gives you the freedom to operate your chute from any point on either side. Specialties. 30 years later, Arrowquip has expanded across the globe, yet remains a family-owned company that is leading the industry with innovative and practical livestock handling solutions. Since 1988, Arrowquip has made livestock Portable Cattle Handling Equipment. | At Arrowquip, our goal as a team is to become a leader in our industry through innovative products, top level customer support, building a team to get us to our goals and ensure we are enjoying the journey along the way. Guardian Cattle Mineral Feeder. The purpose of the Sternum Bar is to keep cattle Innovative Safety for Cattle Management. Arrowquip's Vet Cage provides a safe space for veterinarians to perform their important work. 5 Read Reviews. Arrowquip's 3E BudFlow® Cattle Tub uses natural cattle behavior and light to create efficient flow. Both side panels drop down fully, allowing the handler to access the animal in case of emergency. M - F. Founded in 1988. Please allow up to 1 full business day for a reply. Arrowquip's cattle loading ramps are designed to limit the stress of your livestock and ensure Department: CLIENTCARE. The all-new clamp style hold allows you to adjust the height of the Head Holder at any point along the Head Gate to work for any height of cattle. Poly composite rump fingers engineered to withstand high pressure. 1-877-275-6075. A variety of portable cattle chutes and full handling systems designed to make your life simpler, no matter where you need to work your cattle. Where we are now. They can also be very useful for ranchers who have pens in multiple pastures, as you can bring your core handling equipment to each location, as necessary. May 21, 2024 · Arrowquip Guardian Bale Feeder Round bale feeder drastically reduces bale waste 18 cone rods and a chain suspend hay bales Reversible in design, doubling hay bale Jan 6, 2020 · New Q-Catch 74 Series manual chute. By removing pressure points and ensuring a clear line of sight, a good manual squeeze chute will ensure that cattle do not feel pressured. Improving the business of livestock handling and keeping people and animals safe | "Arrowquip provides safe and efficient livestock handling systems for livestock producers, with quality products that are easy to use, innovative, and economical. Dimensions: 1249" Wide x 94" High x 422" Long (When set up, with panel anchor bars installed. A squeeze chute should be designed for efficiency, safety, and maximum productivity while adhering to proper animal science and low-stress cattle handling practices. View: 24 36 48 72. Get my Quote from Arrowquip. With dealers located across Australia, there is sure to be an Arrowquip Dealer in your area. When seeking a portable cattle chute, handlers should look for Feb 9, 2017 · Posted 2/9/2017 19:26 (#5828715 - in reply to #5828643) Subject: RE: Arrowquip chutes. Reporting directly to the Logistics Manager, you will collaborate Portability. Curtain-style Head Gate opens parallel to a full 29. We pride ourselves on a workplace culture ARROWQUIP POWER PACKS MODEL OVERVIEW BRAND POWER TYPE HORSE POWER VOLTAGE RECOMMENDED BREAKER SIZE FLOW PRESSURE TANK CAPACITY DECIBEL READING PAIRS WITH 2HP ELECTRIC POWER PACK Top-mounted electric power pack included as standard on the Q-Power 104 Series squeeze chute. 5 Options Available. If you are having trouble locating a dealer near you, feel free to call us as at 1800 814 107 1800 814 107 and we'll be more than happy to assist you. One-side swing-out emergency exit. Productivity. Arro 4083 lbs. That is why, at Arrowquip, if you get injured using our equipment, we offer a 100% money back guarantee, and you get to keep the product. Combining the Arrowlock 75 Series Cattle Chute with our 8’ Easy Flow Adjustable Cattle Alley, you are guaranteed a safe For your biggest bulls and widest cows, the Q-Catch 54 Series opens to a full 29. Arrowquip builds the best round bale feeder made to drastically reduce waste. Q-Power 104 Series Hydraulic Squeeze Chute. 6 days ago · Rockford, Illinois 61102. Headquarters 2021 Arrowquip Demo Stockyards Nerimbera School Phone Number +61 1800814107. Introducing Arrowquip's Guardian Cattle Mineral Feeder. CALL 1-866-383-7827. Russel Metals. Founded. 2024 Arrowquip 748. 2" Wide x 79. Don't take it from us, see what ranchers…. 4. Only way I would buy I different chute is if it came with hydraulics. Revenue: $25 to $100 million (USD) Machinery Manufacturing. With an array of safety features, the Powerlock 108 Series Portable Hydraulic Cattle Chute, Alley, and Tub is the perfect addition for your operation. The Portable Cattle Tub and Alley comes with a durable hitch that features an added gusset for support and a bracket that can be adjusted into three different positions to work with different vehicles. Arrowquip cattle yards are designed around animal science, keeping you not only efficient and profitable but safe as well. Top-mounted hydraulic controls allow the handler to control the Head Gate, Squeeze, and Hydraulic Rolling Door to reduce your processing time by [x] per head. +1 866-383-7827 Jun 30, 2023 · See the full set up of The Heeler™ C2 portable corral, that takes cattle flow, safety, and functionality to a whole new level. 8" High x 12. Squeeze chute ranges from 31. Safety latches on the Easy Flow Alley side panels add Feel free to contact us directly: FACEBOOK |. 2. By incorporating the 3E system in the BudFlow Cattle Crowding Tub design, cattle are instinctively drawn to areas where more light can be seen which allows you to guide them into the alley effortlessly. 18 cone rods and a chain suspend hay bales. Jan 24, 2024 · That is why Arrowquip is introducing its new line of manual chutes: The Arrowlock 55 Series (5-year warranty) The Arrowlock 75 Series (10-year warranty) The Arrowlock 88 Series (15-year warranty) The Arrowlock lineup begins with the 55 and 75 Series manual cattle chutes. Backed by our exclusive warranty program . Best mineral feeder for cattle to guard against the elements and reduce waste with weatherproof cover. Get the inside scoop on jobs, salaries, top office locations, and CEO insights. The Q-Power 104 Series gives you the power you need to work more cattle through the chute, even when you are working solo. Subscribe to see how our cattle handling equipment can elevate your ranching experience with videos including: Customer submitted videos and honest Arrow Elite Cattle Gates are available in 4', 8', and 10' bow gate sizes and you can choose from standard height or high bows, and the option of a Cowboy Latch, for working cattle on horseback. 5. View more on Instagram. Find all your Arrowquip cattle equipment information in one place. Woodlands, Manitoba. Arrowquip was founded by the Firth family with the intention to bring safe, efficient, economical equipment to the livestock producer. Arrow Pro Cattle Gates come in a 10' option. The jacking system now features a 165 AMP Power Unit, 12V battery with 200 AMP breaker to protect Ratchet locking mechanism for a stronger head gate hold. Share: Unleash the epitome of innovation in cattle handling with the Q-Catch Mark II Dual Cattle Crush – an Australian-made powerhouse featuring a heavy-duty, silent operation infinite Feel free to contact us directly: FACEBOOK |. 51 to 200 Employees. We base our designs on cattle behavior and strive to keep ranchers and their families safe. Finally, a heavy-duty, high-quality feedlot hydraulic chute that can do it all. Arrowquip Portable 75 Chute/Alley. Call or Text. Head Gate handle can be operated from anywhere alongside the chute. 25" Long. EMAIL |. com Customer Service: cc@arrowfarmquip. cs@arrowquip. Privately Held. Engineered with high-quality durability you ca 1 day ago · Find Arrowquip in Woodlands, with phone, website, address, opening hours and contact info. Key elements include our auto-locking mechanisms and durable, virgin rubber floor with a lifetime guarantee, unmatched access points Round bale feeder drastically reduces bale waste. bl vw kc ao mg rm ek xu zg jm